Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some more news....

A few days ago, Actually while I was waiting in line to enter the One of a Kind show I was checking my emails and I received an odd one, so I looked at it....I was in shock... I was asked to be part of The Artist's Magazine for Mixed Media Round up so to speak... Not sure yet but they had a last minute gap in the article...probably someone couldn't make it or do it and I fit the bill for them.

Scrambling to get my images to the right size and resolution for them - FWMedia  My computer decided to act up and I panicked and then the husband to the rescue came in and saved the day long with the guys-Adam from Osio-Brown Editions and I was able to get my images on a disk and then send them off via FedEx over night. Happy to say they received them yesterday and Maureen must be working on it already as they needed to know what acrylics I use as of brand, fluid or tubes.

I still am in a bit of reality delay on this as of "Oh, My God...I'm going to be in The Artist Magazine"....darn I say that... Yes...not sure what images they will pick I sent in 12 and what magic the will preform but I'm sure it will be just fine....April 2014 issue I think it will be out...

Ok off to keep the head straight, the heart warm and the mind clear....some yoga and a walk. All in the process of staying grounded and RAW....Real, Awesome and Whole....


  1. Yep, stay grounded all that panic and things worked out well!

    1. all a silly process for me....and it always works out in the end...

  2. oh wow.. that is fabulous!! what fantastic news...
    congrats Laura ....

    don't panik so often - keep calm!
    You have the power to do it ALL!

    1. I'm working on it as of the panic part, thanks for your support.


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