Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pulling out the display...

As part of a gallery member with 4Arts Inc. I also get a chance to display my wares at this Holiday Art Bazaar on Saturday...been busy getting read for it...I'll be setting up on Friday and then back on Saturday.

Fulfilling a gathering need I went out after yoga and a long walking in the woods to this place that just opened up by us... by Costco and Ikea in Bolingbrook and found the deli sheets there.  They have them in three sizes, this is the medium size. So if you like to create papers for your collage works and do printing like Anne Bagby does these are great...then if you want to carry on step further and use them for tacking down you coat them with polymer medium after you print and then there ready for that process/technique.   I was thrilled to find them there as now I don't have to travel up north for them. Though Schweppes will delivery.   So that was my good find...I feel like I hit the big old blueberry patch hidden behind the hill.

These papers I also use between my coated collage papers so they don't stick together...cause that will happen with coated polymer papers, their so tacky when dry that a bit of gravity will seal them together like nothing.  As I say takes all the fun out of collaging then and creating.



  1. Who would think a restaurant supply house for art supplies? Great find! I used to get supplies of french fry platters for feeding shelter cats.

  2. Always got to keep the eyes open for great finds when walking down the street, never know what you might find.


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