Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A bit of video taping

So the other day...I think it was Monday I throw myself in to fully.  I pulled out the tripod and screwed on the camera, gathered my things and pushed the red button. Coptic stitch journal binding
it's up on the tabs of this blog.  Nothing specially by far. My laptop seem to shut down half way through the process of converting the information to the right format.  Seem best to keep it about 5 minutes or under. Then everything and everyone is happy.  As I was waiting for the upload to You Tube, I noticed I'm probably # 1000 that has done this about coptic stitching and book binding. So like I said nothing new or special.  Just jumping off the cliff again and getting my feet wet.

One never knows what will be next or where this all will lead. Being present and doing what every seems to be the next right thing...most of the time has me sitting in uncertainty.  I mean that to say we can only plan so far in advance and then there's this thing call life and it's sister we do our best to be prepared and flexible like the coyote willing to make the adjustments as needed.

My idea is if I need this in the workshop coming up I have a portable screen now and a projector....this way I can really blow it up and then everyone can see the process or as best as I can present it at the moment.  or is it more stuff to carry around from job site to job site?  depends how you look at it. 

So on to some list checking today and then an Art Tribe meeting of our gals is in the One of Kind Show so she won't be there I don't think, I know if I was doing I would be home sleeping. I plan an artist date to the show on tomorrow...I keep asking people to come with me but they can't...well enough because an artists date is something my artist inside of me does alone...which I really do enjoy I can stop and look at what attracts me and not have to worry about what some one else things...I know selfish but when I do an artists date like that it becomes a spiritual experience with my Good Orderly Direction- Great Spirit in all living things kind of a deal...and well best bust a move. 


  1. fantastic that you made it.... it's wonderful for me...
    o.k. I wrote this on YT --
    but I can't thank you enough for your generous sharings with the world Laura!

  2. Oh thanks, inching my way somewhere with it all but having fun make the video's.

  3. Yeh, but the next video will be easier... great job!

  4. Thanks there girls


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