Friday, November 01, 2013

So there's this Snake and a Mouse

The Rain day brought more home all day then would normal be...Husband and Son from work. As they both work outside all day.  So I did my think in the morning, you know the morning pages, yoga and some time alone but...for some reason I need more and so I went for a walk in the woods.

Always a good thing, with an umbrella over my shoulder and a simple pace I walked.  First sighting was a Doe in the dark brown dried stems of the Bee Balm and other prairie grasses. Just listening to my clicking of the umbrella as I walked. (old umbrella)

The smells are awesome out there... and colors are so rich, the Red of the Pin oaks and the yellow orange of the white oaks. Elms and Hickory both in this rusty yellow speckles.

I came to the opening where the tall grass prairie is and there on my side where the tire tracks had pushed over the grasses lay a Gardner snake. The weather is still a bit warm for them before the hibernation.   I thought about the simple paws, no feet, and how it's skin sheds as it grows, and it survives with what skills?  And it needs the energy of the sun the warm the fire of life...and then I thought about what it preys upon, insects, frogs, moles, voles, mice and anything else along it's path.  What message is this creature sharing with me I ask and continue to walk..

Happily I walk with the umbrella check to see if I could take it down, but not yet then with a flash if white, back legs and tail I see a mouse come across my path with in the next step and behind a tree.  I stop and looked to see if it was sitting there after it crossed but no such luck. The mouse timid little thing, and it wasn't a vole or mole...not with that white under belly and long tail. A field mouse is probably what it was.  Gathering, storing its food for the coming months. So close to the ground tending it's needs, preparing.  What message does this little creature share with me?

I think of The Story of Jumping Mouse, a  Native American Legend by John Steptoe

One of my favorite stories. 
  I did a re- illustration for an on-line artist way group awhile back, the little mouse in the story was so giving, really unbelievable.
This is where many will wonder but I personal seek deeper meaning about this all...( Medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.) The Snake made itself aware for a reason, and I looked down at that moment to see him/her...A snake is a healing creature, though some snakes will bit which by transforming this overwhelming heat to the body, there's a healing that needs to be taken place. Living through many Life-bits so to is able to carry the power to creation.  Cycle, life, death, rebirth...shedding of skin and the energy of wholeness.   Back to the Wabi Sabi deal I'm also  personal studying...take the bad and see the good, acceptance of the situation is where the healing begins.   The fire medicine of this creature helps one understand about Us universal beings.  Accepting all aspect of life bring the fire to transform. Fire is energy, desire, passion. it is also ambition, creation, and dreams. It can be power, and leadership, on a spiritual plane it becomes wisdom, wholeness and connection.  I'm given this chance to transform some of the energy, throw thoughts, actions and desires so that wholeness can be achieved...A life long journey I feel.  But the magic is no more then a change of consciousness.   I'm to look at my fears and change my present state of affairs.. it may entail a short passage  of discomfort like a snake bit but then shed and find new rhythm as my body glides... Wow all that from sighting... wild as I'm in a bit of discomfort with ending a relationship with a gallery...which by the way is home and safe.  closing letter sent out and me left with the emotional to venture up north to pick up more art at a gallery there...not ending that one but picking up for the closing season and plans are already in motion for one piece that I'm picking up...I've submitted it in a exhibit I'm waiting to hear from that will be a Robert Morris College on State Street in Chicago... it would be nice...keeping it moving forward.
So the little jumping mouse that crossed my path... This is all to funny...I always said I have to touch in order to know it...I see it, smell it and then I really need to feel what I working with no matter what it is..always have been that way.. So the little mouse is the same with his whiskers...needing to touch can be a power and a weakness.   It's good to see up close, and pay attention to detail but it is bad to chew everything to pieces, (in my aspect, over thinking or distorted thinking is chewing everything to pieces)...Oh I needed to read these words and put this medicine to good use...the need to be a nit-picker  has come upon me...not a good quality... the need to put everything in order as come upon me also and it can cause a bit of chaos in my family....This all happens when I stop seeing the bigger picture and want to control the dailiness of others...Yikes....I'm to develop Largeness of spirit, become aware of the Great Dance of Life.  Expansiveness can be overwhelming if you forget to take it step by step... time to slow down, stop chasing my tail, start observing the details of your (My) present pathway...(Pay attention to my business is what I'm hearing also)
Well when I go to the woods, my medicine is always there...what can I some work to do and stick with... make sense?  well it doesn't really have to...I know what I need to do and where I need to be with my thoughts, heart and well being...staying there is the big job, step by step,constant readjusting to always see the bigger picture. Using energy's in a positive whole hearted way is the goal.
With ending this...I'm so grateful for all that I'm to let it be and stay strong on a good path. Sometimes loved ones have to walk a path and they may get bitten but the healing that follow after that will make the difference...their difference.  Change is always happening like the cycles in life.

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