Thursday, November 07, 2013

It's Thursday and I'm finally touching base....

Since I got back from a great Artists Date weekend and picking up my's been a bit of non stop go, all good but a day to touch base is highly needed.  a moment to breath might be in order.

if I could add to five more imagery life's what would they be?

1. A horse Whisper

2. To own a farm

3. A Wise Woman
4. A creative spirit
5. A Naturalist
In Week Two of the Artists Way, Recovering a Sense of Identity...  I'm to add 5 more imagery life's to my list. For the most part I'm living the life I really enjoy and love.  I've dabbled into lots of the different live already but I guess I would like to re energize  myself.   I few weeks ago I joined the Morton Arboretum which I plan on visiting regularly. So this is task # 6 for week two.

And Task #5
Twenty things you enjoy doing...
blogging, morning pages, yoga, art, creating a great meal for the family, walking in the woods, walking my dogs, having a clean homestead, watching it snow, teaching art class, taking a road trip,
eating a good bowl of popcorn and watching a movie with the family, taking with good friends over tea or coffee, planning a class, visiting the horse stables, hanging out by the waters edge and stacking rock,  Being thrifty, studying about old ways, hanging out with the family and having a good hardy belly laugh.

Well got some stuff to do today...thinking about bring in new work for the next couple of months at 4Arts...and the idea of a on line class is floating around...hmmm got some planning to do.. and noodling on how it can all work out. Off to do yoga now..


  1. What great art Laura - found you through Seth Apter's Altered Page and enjoyed now the 10 steps of your layering collage exercises on you tube.. fantastic!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    xxx from Austria

    my blog

    1. Hi Susi, Glad to met you...I'll be see what you've been doing to..

  2. Glad to keep hearing yoga going on!

  3. I'd like to see you do an on line class! That would be super!

    1. Oh it's keeps come back to haunt me to do so it may be a simple one with just the magazine and glue sticks in a sketch book...I can get my feet wet at teaching on to put it in action...

  4. Love hearing about the artist's way again...lots to catch up on on your posts! Still catching up with myself after my son's wedding!

    1. Love the first book the best April..


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