Monday, November 04, 2013


I had the urge to stop at my parents on the way back...what would have been a 3 1/2 road trip turned into a 7 hour one.  With a break in between at my parents house. From Door County to Montello WI I drove, thinking about my parents their age and the hint of change come on with them.  As of them moving back to Ill to be closer to us, my step sister and her family.  Well they were out and about doing some shopping when I called them to let them know I'm stopping in. 

I wished I had the camera rolling as I was moving along. Colors were still present, and the rolls of Hay larger and looking like they would roll away. I keep thinking I'm glad I'm taking this extra time to stop over...Heck it's only a bit of time and gas and I've not heard from then in a couple of weeks.

When I got there it was great to see my dad. he's into suspenders now which are so cute on him.  It reminds me of Randy's Dad too as he got older.  A bit of a belly and the pants just don't want to stay up so why not.

My dad said he was just in Illinois on Saturday, I said oh you were, in visiting Linda my step sister? Oh no I has surgery.......he said I'll have mom tell you about. He's had some bladder problems and prostrate too. So the inevitable was bound to lead that way. Found out that Dad had some thing removed out of his bladder waiting to hear about that... Darn I share's private...I don't know but I am.

Talking about moving into a condo or something for the winter months and then keeping the place in Montello for the summer.

I'm so glad I listened to my intuition and stopped in.  As life changes and changes again she hands us moment to see how some things are so important and other things really don't matter one bit...The uncertainty of our lives as we live them is as constant as change. The unknown of the future is a scary place to projects you out away not in connection to what is real.  I can't change the well being of many of my loved ones but I can be present and see and feel love and sometimes that love hurts big time but I know that its real and true...and the place of hurt is all part of the cycle of life.  its a place of knowing how much you really do love and can.

While I was away my mind kept floating back to my husband with all his quirky ways I do love him so much and with all my quirky ways he said he worried about me while I was gone...and to me our absence keeps us growing more connected. Sound weird?  well being RAW now...Real, Awesome, and that Whole thing. Life really is to short to fret and be in major drama...Enough time to get ready for class this morning. 



  1. Wow, so much. Sending strength and prayers to all! Love too! It will be nice to have them closer to home.

    1. Yes but all you know life and the uncertainties we take them one day at time.


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