Thursday, October 31, 2013

Those who wish you well stories.....

Sharing some champions....
In week One Task 6...Artists Way.

Just recently I received the Incite, Dreams Realized book in the mail with a few others.  I sent one to my Dad and Step Mom and one to my Dear Art buddy and Friend in Georgia.  When my Step Mom received the book with the three works of mine in there along with many other Great Mixed Media Artists, she commented on how really deep my thoughts where about my own work. 

Kind of wild to hear there...Yes I thought I'm pulling from places inside myself that I'm still trying to make sense about. But what I hear her say is "I get you"  Connection she understands me even more now then every before and probably didn't even know I was at the deeper level of thinking. She was impressed with my statements on this pieces. 

So with the Artists Way I'm to do some writing about three champions or those who wish you well in your creativity.  So My Step Mom was one...

When exhibiting my work in art fairs, mainly by men who see my work...they ask me if I've got a Graphic Arts Background...and I have to say no...this comes naturally...women don't say it to much.  So as a personal thought as when I make my work I am thinking that some of this creativeness can be hanging in a office of some that I caught there eye with it is a good thing..  I really have to get connected with some designer people I think. But I hate to have to do commission...that's really squashes my creative flow...kind of a blocker right there, having to please someone else...kind of selfish that way as of I like to create my work for therapy as of getting through something or working through ideas of sorts. Trailing off I's where the thoughts are leading me today.

So do I have any more, Just recently in my class I've had them ask me how long I've been doing collage?  not sure really if it's a complement or not...but when I say about 18 years and 14 of them I've been teaching...a little scared to share but when I started on my card table in the unfinished part of kitchen at the time out of shoe box to house my collage papers which at the time were just found papers, I told myself I was going to stick with this and Be the best that I can be...and just this year submitting to the book above that I shared I thinking I hit that wall of accomplishment...( I know this is a repeat of a few weeks ago of me tooting my horn)   But now that I've achieved that in my own's a good thing.  Not in anyone else..hard to describe but when you set out to do something and with out realizing it stick with it long enough, dreams do come true...and this is something that I wish for other to feel and accomplish.  I have so much more that wants to be excavated and brought to the surface it's really hard to tell what direction I'll be going in but it will be with paper of sorts.

Ratting to do Yoga...and then get a book made out of a brown bag for a fund raiser I am taking part in..


  1. My thinking seems to believe that the men are asking about your degree because they couldn't let themselves dream of making a living creating, unless backed by credentials. Maybe you sparked their own creativity.

  2. You bring magical stuff to the world, Laura.
    I know your Step Mom saw that ! ;-)

  3. Could be Doris...could be...Thanks Kim.


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