Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The whole Kit and Kaboodle.

 Order Living Wabi Sabi, The true beauty of your life. Taro Gold. This piece is called "The Beginning." Along with reading this book I was pulling a smooth stone from my affirmation bowl of stones everyone morning and combining them together. Confusing to some but for me it's how I roll...

There are only seven chapters and each one that I read what I connected to and was inspired by I took in and allowed it to freely flow out. This one is called, "From the Heart"
"Let go of perfect"
 "Open your heart"
 "Life will be about Play"
 "Dare I?"
 "Flaws, Self Accept"
"Steady as She goes"

The beauty of having an obsession gene  handed down from family to family is if you can rein it in...and use it in a way like this life becomes so manageable...I think one of my personal goals or intentions is to be able to make the creativity process an daily thing..instead of being so distance from it, "like its out there somewhere" when it's really right in each and everyone one of us. 

Well I hope you all find your dailiness in a creative way.

Got to share this from Flora Bowley....


  1. I really like the colorful ones!

  2. Thanks Honey, was what ever I grabbed out of the collage paper box.

  3. HI again Laura: Could you please post the sizes of your work with the image title -its really helpful!!
    Bless you

  4. Oh Sure Sharon...these might have been a busy morning so I didn't get a chance but I usually post that sizes. These are all 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper.


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