Sunday, October 06, 2013

Response to- Let go of perfect

Waiting for the book store to open my oldest and I were going to head there...I decided to put some of the letting go into practice. I tacked down a piece of paper that I liked and then I pushed it back with a light buff and gray color of acrylics and then coated with polymer. Quickly dried it with a hair dryer and when on from there and started layering the papers. Tack them down and then rolled on more acrylics. Covering the papers to a points. Showing hints of the papers and toning them down, pushing them back or softening them up which every you would like to's done.
Had a bird stencil I purchased some time ago and forgot about it till this morning and used it...I was going to wipe them off and start over but I stopped myself and let go of perfect. The Stamp of the Spiral my signature mark lately is there and then I let it dry and closed my eyes and took a Neocolor wax crayon and circled on the surface.  Then a small scribble came out at the end...hard to see but faintly there.  Before the circling and scribbling. I wrote and wrote trying not to pick up my hand as I went till the edge of the white papers and repeated the gesture of the writing...letting go again. 

"Being in the present moment and fully aware and then next and the what imperfection is about continually letting go accepting what is again and again, nothing seems to be so important but the present moment."

Wabi-Sabi #2, Let go of perfect 8 x 8, matted 12 x 12

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