Monday, October 28, 2013

Making choices

Good paths on this earth,
36 x 36
collage on canvas
I'm finished with my morning meditations, which are morning pages, readings from assorted books, my stone and yoga.   My stone this mornings says "Face your Fears" Not that I'm afraid, but the face to face artists way class is this morning and forming new relationships is always a scary area and then driving into the city...during the day is fine but saying good bye to a gallery is not an easy step.  I know I'm good in how I feel about this but still it's something I personally have to "Go Through" take the steps to move forward and see what happens.  I believe in the good path, the good red road kind of a path...


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with The Artist's Way.
    The Etsy link is not working.

  2. Yes I know maybe I should take that off....I just could juggle another thing on the computer so I pulled out. Thank you for reminding me that I did that...


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