Sunday, October 13, 2013

Living true to our hearts, flaws and all.

Appreciate this and every moment no matter how imperfect, for this moment is your life.  In no uncertain terms to appreciate the little things, the incremental experiences, the steady flow of moments that make up a lifetime. When you boil it down, that's  what a lifetime. When you boil it down, that's what a lifetime really is- a rolling steam of moments, some shining bright, some darker than others.

Appreciate this and every moment, not matter how imperfect, for this moment is your life. When you reject this moment, you reject you life. You don't have to settle for this moment you are free to steer a different course, but for no this moment is yours, so be mindful to make the most of it. 

Take a deep breath, smile, be yourself. Life is too important to be spent any other way.

Obaa-san shares, "Tuck that little piece of enlightenment in your sleeve and keep it close. When you add it to everything else you have learned, it will help you shine. Like a diamond in the making, the more heat and pressure you face the more brilliant you will grow."

A perfect example of living Wabi Sabi when imperfection exists in the body (the life) of an oyster, sediment that just can't be removed, the oyster bathes it with layers of soothing coating, crafting it into a pearl.  The oyster transforms potentially worthless, damaging and unchangeable imperfections into treasures of value and beauty.   Pearls of Wisdom...

More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all. - Nicheren

Mother Nature makes no mistakes. -Tsunesaruro Makechuchi

Think about Fairy Tales...all the hero's and heroines share a common characteristic-flaws, and sometimes major ones. Wizard of Oz, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast...etc. 

Our favorite imperfect characters share the same way of finding their happy endings: by realizing that who they have always wanted to be, they already are.

Perhaps we embrace these timeless characters because in our hearts our greatest wish, too, is simply to be ourselves. It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, to be ourselves. But it is not.

Why" because we've spent a lifetime listening to people tell us that being ourselves just isn't good enough.  We're too young, too old, too short, too tall, too gay, too straight, too black, too white, too thin, too fat, too this, too that.  Reacting to these messages, many of us try to mold superficial pictures of ourselves-our appearance our behavior, our possessions, to the form we think others will find acceptable. Yet our most meaningful accomplishments happen deep with in ourselves, in heartfelt places others can see only through the glimmer in our eyes.

Our greatest bliss comes when we least expected it; not through material achievements but through you openhearted humanity.

Small story...Taro Gold teaches a neglected five year old boy to tie his shoelaces. Witnessing his usually lackluster little face light up with pride was a perfect moment in a most imperfect place-a sublime experience engraves as a treasure of my heart.

He wondered why small, obsure, unseen events like this could touch our hearts so profoundly. Than realized that it's because such Wabi Sabi moments open doors to the self-acceptance we all crave.

When we encounter weaknesses or imperfections in another, the wisdom of Wabi Sabi allows us to see a reflection of our own hidden vulnerabilities. And when we help others look beyond their imperfections with confidence and clarity, we discover that we can do the same of ourselves.

Most of us want to increase the good in our lives without having to become impossibly perfect people or change the entire arrangement of our imperfect lifestyles. We don't want to move to a monastery or stop eating our favorite foods. What we really want is to know happiness her and now, in the midst of this imperfect world, just as we are.

If there is one things the wisdom of Wabi Sabi show us, it is that we can know this kind of joy, right now as is. It reminds us that no matter what our circumstances, if we always strive to be joyful her and now, then we will forever be joyful, because there is only here and now. It teaches us to do what the oysters do, create value from life's sediment, the imperfections that could otherwise block our potential.

We all have misfit aspects of our lives, "the strangers within," waiting to be cultivated into pearls of wisdom. We can make this transformation once we accept ourselves unconditionally. This does not mean ignoring our faults or making excuses for them or never trying to improve ourselves.

On the contrary, it means doing everything we can to improve ourselves based on the conviction that our unique flaws are the raw materials of our unique treasures and strengths.  It means nurturing ne patterns of thought and action, taking charge of our feelings and responses, and finding joy in the face of adversity. It means being ourselves and living true to our hearts, flaws and all.

In closing of this book I'll share the answer Taro Gold rediscovered,

Living Wabi Sabi complete with in that which is incomplete, forever revealing the true beauty of your life.

Right now it's quiet...but before that there was chatter, laughter and commotion.   People getting up early to leave for work, one asking other to go out for early breakfast, another mooning about the smell in the house from the big guy-Hank getting sprayed by a shunk....which in some parts of the house it's stronger smelling then most.   The husband and I laugh together as our sense of smell must be use to this as we think it doesn't smell to bad...and we laugh as others are making jokes about it...

I call this a Wabi Sabi moment...the ugly smell that lingers longer then you would like and just whaffed  along with you after you leave the house. It  has brought about a close true hearted moment with members sharing laughter over it all...and the connection of times past with our other dogs.  As the husband and I feel...we are going to roll with this and see how it unfolds....I'm sure we will hear stories today how when our daughter went to work she still smelled like skunk...and soon on.

It's RAW...Real...Awesome...and Whole.


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