Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Tuesday Class Exercise and a bit of creative ramblings.

This piece is called, The path born in nature and in art"

Working in a cruciform compositional layout, I demonstrated mostly all the way through with this piece.  I did a bit more shadowing around the collage papers shapes, and brought back up to the surface some of the color that was hidden/pushed back a bit with the Neocolor II wax crayons.(you can use watercolor pencils or pastel pencil too, just spray before anything else.) the image is a bit grainy but I think you can see most of the details. In next The Art of Layering Collage Class we will be exploring this larger and more in-depth.   There is a point where an artist stops questions the flow they may be in, when creating in the moment we so freeing, that part we relate to as our creative child. They don't question or stop they just go forward with what ever and trust the moment.

  Hard place to get back to...we are so programed to not waste our time, heck we only have just Nano seconds before we have to be somewhere else so I best get this perfect,down and dirty right so I can move on to the next thing.  We lose all aspects of the creative process, heck we lose life itself in those crazy moments.

I look at this piece and I quickly turn to judgment and that is not a good place to be when you are learning and growing... I'm trying to understand a grace period, and the moment.  I will always be in the process not matter what... and being the process isn't all bad, in fact it's freeing... Letting go of perfect and allowing the imperfect to be perfect...only striving to continue and learn more from where I am...that thought process put into action is called a creative life of practice is so much more excepting and comforting and caring.    

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  1. I really like this, Laura. It reminds me of the ones we did in one of your other workshops and it's a favorite of mine. :)


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