Monday, October 14, 2013

Flaws self accept

Flaws self accept
8 x 8
collage on water color paper.

Nothing special yesterday in the studio...mainly coating papers and starting to get prepared for the Illinois Art Education Conference next week...I might have 24 teachers I'll be sharing this with so best start to prepare now. 

I've been trying to clean up, and add some new images to the website...My web ranger came to the rescue and she save the day.  Not that I wish it anyone one but the bad got turned to good as we learned more about all this hacking stuff and I learned more about what goes on behind the scenes so I can be lest dependent on my Web Ranger for Website up dates and such...Now though I would like to send Internet Explore a few message...Get with the times...I'm having a problem getting to the dashboard of the blog...things are there and then their not really there.  So I've got to go through Firefox or Chrome to get my message out there...not that any one is really listening but you know what I mean.

Taking the Four Legged friends in to the year check up...and then home to tidied up a bit and get ready for Class tomorrow. 

There was a little blurb in the on line Doings and Not sure if it's was in the really newspaper as they've been cutting out so many and going on line that it's a good thing as of saving trees for paper but not sure if people read it on line or not...the Newspaper that is.
Shameless plug...Doing's Newspaper, Artist Way Course at Mayslake, Oak Brook



  1. Laura, I read all your posts through the bloglines feed. I am sorry for the hack and can´t understand why somebody would do that to your blog. If you, or your Web Ranger daughter, have any tips for others to learn and apply in that matter, I for once would be very grateful to know.
    Your latest works (under wabisabi learning) are wonderful, stronger, in a sense.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Ke,
    The number one tip is to change the passwords like we've heard them say and don't do. Make sure how you hosting with, that you have the updated version of the material you need. People get paid to hack you stuff and they make money when you go on their advertisement, we all knew that...and watch out for the Website black list chaser...they are also smart people but they want to make money off you, beware. thing is if I didn't have a in house Web Ranger as I call her...then I wouldn't have got through it I would have gave up and then just stuck it out with a blog....along with the other listens...of cause learning to be patient and it's not the end of the gosh go out side and have some fun I kept telling myself.


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