Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Demo's and Layering Exercises

This is a demo piece I did for the Arts Alive Afterschool program with the Addison Center for the Arts. I came home and added the shadowing of the papers and a few more piece... Title?  good question, I'm going to have to say Donuts for Breakfast. I was sharing with the students about using the different shapes and bring something on the surface and how my parents were in town and that Saturday morning they would stop by and probably bring donuts...so telling a little story for them turned out to be this piece.
This piece here was turned around with the red square and circle at the top but I turned it around and placed it at the bottom.  I did this demo at the DuPage Textile Artist Guild about a month ago.  Came home and finished it up with some shadowing and a hint of the Neocolor II wax crayon as a added rust effect on the papers.

This was last weeks demo and layering exercise for the Naperville Class that I'm teaching.

Layering exercise from last week...we started with a cruciform as our composition start, this week we are making papers all kinds in fact...going to see what we can do in one day.
Start with watercolor substrate and then move to collage push back with acrylics and then add some printing on top and then bring back the shapes of the collage papers.
Took on a totally different look to the piece as I added on another later of collage papers and then carried on with some neocolor wax crayons and had some fun.
 Start...on this exercise.
Finished piece.
 One directions and then turned it around...
Add some collage papers and just let it happen and played with the letters and shadowed around the donut shapes...what's with the donut shape lately....good introspective question to ask myself.

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