Sunday, September 01, 2013

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

I'm a morning person, up at the crack of dawn and ready with a few cups of coffee to go. I fight with in myself what should be done in the morning.  Should I go to the woods and put in my 4 to 6 mile granny run/walk thing or should I stay in and have the Sunday morning unfold?  Could be up stairs in my studio starting on my class preparation or doing the beginning yoga CD I have.   As I circle in my head even after doing my morning pages I center on having a my lite frozen waffles with fresh crushed red raspberries and some cinnamon and turkey bacon...typing my silly quandary here. Trying so hard to stick to my Weight watchers program...and all I want to do is eat...crazy life changing stuff.

But enough of that, I do have some sample pieces pulled out of my unmatted works that I want to revisit today and some up proper procedure to for my classes come up.  I've got about two days to get this ready....before my time is used up and On to preparing for the other stuff coming up...blah...blah...blah.  There I go again Cracking the whip. It's good to have goals though or a direction to shoot for at least.

Yesterday I was able to clean my fish's a love/hate relationship I have. It stands in my Kitchen a 55 gallon thing and we have now only one big bottom feeder, a Plecostomus, now this is not ours but with the help of the image on Google I was able to find this and it's about the size we have in the fish tank...well we now also have flushable as my oldest daughter says.  No more Oscars...they all pass on.  

Well it takes about an good healthy hour to clean and put back in the water that I take out with cleaning the gravel...step by step, I can almost do it blindfolded.  Well my houseplants love me now with a dose of the good aged fish water and while I was doing this all it was raining outside so I decided to put the house plants outside for a good bath too. Tending to the homestead task that's all. Mundane keeps you sane.
I should have done this a few months ago....but well guess what it happened now instead.. 
After that all was cleaned up, I did my I was writing out the checks, I'm thinking I'm so grateful that I have a good husband and that we can pay these...crazy as that sounds but it's comforting.  He works hard for us all. 
I could have gone with him this weekend if I really wanted to. But I didn't push the issue at all.  If I would have it would have taken away some a much needed time alone with himself and his people/tribe  so to say. He's down south at a Motorcycle round up or something like that with Only Motorcycle people that own Shovel Head Harleys.   Though I do enjoy a good motorcycle ride I know best it's his thing.  He called me yesterday around 10:30am just before I started on the fish tank...made it there and all is well. I honestly and truly am happy for him...One of my beliefs is we so need time to still have adventure in our live for the things that we truly enjoy - be it big or small...things that turn us on in a way that light up our spirits.
So I coulda went up stairs yesterday afternoon and worked in the studio but I went for a artist date myself and treat to some movie popcorn and saw the Butler.  It was a good movie..the kind that keeps you thinking and keeps you aware of where this human race still needs so much changing and where I need to keep changing and growing into the person that I'm to become.  Rambling I know...
My stone I picked today out of my stone bowl...was "let it flow"  Just what nature order for me.
with my personal nature of checking off the things on  the list and cracking the whip on myself I find this very comforting to let it who knows what I should, could or would be doing. I'm going to let it flow and let what ever happen. Being in the moment is being present and in spirit.

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