Friday, September 06, 2013

What's Being Raw got to do with it?

I was sitting in a meeting with a group of woman just recently and the sharing around the table was so honest it brought tears to my eyes.  Laughter oh my gosh that filling the room to. A language of the heart.  As I sat there observing and listening whipping tears of joy away from my eyes I thought this is really Raw.  Raw like fresh unpolished and so real.  Then I questioned what would the R.. A.. W.. stand for in my head/thinking  at this point with what was circling the table? 

How about this, R-Real, A-Awesome, W-Whole.   I was going to use the W- for woman but sometimes in this meeting there are men that attend and didn't want to exclude them out.. so Whole came....Its my new be RAW.   Like Brene Brown's book where she shares about and the title of the book is Daring Greatly...

When we go forward and we are honest with our self and who we are and we do thing and let go of the perfectionism and what we should do and what people will think of us as we do it... what's left is this awkward feeling for me of being just plan REAL. I'm going to make mistakes and look all goofy while I do but for some reason the need to give it a try verse not is a heck of a lot stronger. 

And to feed into the next part...AWESOME, I don't mean the awesome like Ego...that wouldn't be right to Easy God out of the Picture...nope, there's a connection there with me that I like to keep in balance, I'm not large and in charge I'm sharing this walk with something bigger then myself.  The kind of Awesome I talking about is a feeling and knowing that your taking care of yourself the best you can.  You;re tending to your personal needs first and when you do that long enough you can't help but feel awesome that your doing the best you can to make yourself happy.

The last part of this is WHOLE, I believe can mean many things and though it sound like something huge it's really more for the individual I think as of what does being whole mean to you? What it means for me is being real, honest, not perfect, awkward, scared, afraid at times, feeling hurt, being in the uncertain parts of life, seeking guidance, being grateful, trusting, loving and in the company of people much like myself, and keeping a balance in ways that only I know are good for me...when I'm in this realm or circle so to say...I'm feeling whole. 

Also when I'm with people in small groups, and being intimate like this kind of stuff there's a connection there that really makes you feel good.

So what the heck am I rambling on about....Life and all her beauties of Rawness.

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