Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taking a moment.....

Every day for the past month or seems like the past month I've been working at opening and flipping my studio.  I was getting to the point where I had to walk in side ways to this big room and then stay only on the carpet ways because everything was so full and piled up.  I know I was not happen going into my studio...though when I put my apron on I feel good but prior to that I dreaded going up...ideas were circling about what to do for new projects and I had started to act on them with making print blocks, cutting out stencils and getting prepared...but something else was out of balance.  I knew I needed to change something so I started got some boxes and then a friend/co-worker from my past days of working at the hardware store of Handy Andy came on the scene in Facebook and she had just moved and there you go. She offered her boxes to me. I had no Excuse now but to just do it and bust a major move on it...

time for breakfast and get dress and meet the cool morning...hope to see you soon!


Nothing pretty (video)  just what is it is...but did get looked over pretty heavy today.

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