Friday, September 06, 2013

Stuff that's been happening.....full cup

It feels like the flood gates have been opened and I'm over filled up with to much goodness.  Sounds a bit big of myself now but to be honest -I've been working darn hard at doing the best that I can with what I have...and not the Best in the whole wide no...just with what I can. Keeping it all in check... rock says today...keep in Balance.

 Her she is...the horse that was in the field the day I took a picture and started my whole horse thing off.
 That's Marsha, she is a volunteer for the past 10 years at the Danada Eq. Stables, She has to walk this gal around for 15minutes as she has a problem with her front ankle I think?  The flies are so nasty for the horse at times they just pester the heck out of them so they wear the face screens.

 Using magazines and a quick idea of her in the pasture I collage sketched it out... Well the photo's of her were taking this past Wednesday when the flood gates(of goodness) start to open up for me... as I then went to drop off some work at the Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery and found out I had won Best of Show, I want to say it's the first time but it's not...I won a Best of Show for a Gourd I did a while back (2006) I know repeating myself from the last post any ways...I went home filled with an inner fullness.  But then I went to a gathering of woman and had a Real Raw session and I was spilling over with fullness, slipping in by then..

 Then Next day...Moving on to the next right things to do was to work in my studio and finish up what I started and that was the small exercises I'm recording and making into small video's to post here on my blog...first time and really feeling RAW about...moving forward with glee.  As I sat there editing. I look over and there's my big boy...stretched out on the rug.  Honestly there was no room for him to do this three weeks ago....what can I say if I can keep my studio clean up so that I can have my four legged friend with me in there that is what I will keep as a goal.  He's really playing up the space thing well isn't he...Now my Carl is out on the studio deck...laying down with Sophie our cat, watching the birds. I didn't want to get up at this point and get a picture of him...Hank would move  But he's keeping an eye on Carl and Sophie out there as the door was wide open to let that fresh air in. What can I say I'm so full again with all the grateful things happens around me.. Tickled full is what I want to say... to giddy full. Just doing the next intuitive right thing.

Now I knew I was going to be in this book, I was ask awhile back by Tonia Jenny (Davenport) editor of North light books, submitted my images and all three image were picked. I didn't receive my publisher copy yet but I went and order 5 extra just because...When they came by way of UPS...I opened the box and was in awe...The Best of Mixed Media...Dang Girl I said to did it, you really did it.. as of My goal when I decided to start full time at this, I said I want to be the best Collage Artist I can be, and with my dyslexic ways I fumble and stumble and got back up and made it to this.  Sounds crazy to ask but I will...How would you know when you would get to the best collage artist you could be? (my silly inner critic being a wise one) Well good question to ask?  When I saw the cover and how well this book is put together I knew it...I met this goal.  Now what...?  well I keep doing what I've always been doing and see where it will lead me...because the dream is to continue living this dream of a RAW creative Life...

Now to go drop off work in the City...cause this Gal's got a Grand Ball on Navy Pier to go to this evening...and she's going to keep it Simple and RAW.  And big... THANK YOU  to the Good Orderly Direction in my life.

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