Monday, September 09, 2013

Sticking with the Red this week

Charlotte C. from LaGrange Art League was also one of the artist there at the Gala of the Arts Catholic Charities Event on Navy Pier. So I had her take a picture of me next to me work there Friday night.  It was a great evening and I did sell a piece, and met some great people in the field of helping others.  But I have to say I was not in my element as I would have much rather been in the woods walking around in boots and observing things there...but it's good to get out of the comfort zone now and then Opportunities to learn new things and experience them too.

This piece is called "Not all feelings are True"  I created it Saturday morning after the event at Navy Pier...being off balance with my sleep and all, and a few other things I stayed in my pj's and put my apron and created.  I know the photo from the past day of posting is having a hard time showing up  don't know what that's all about but hopefully it will clear itself up.  I stayed in the Gray's with them as of my glazing to match the stained tissue paper at the top of the piece.

Tents are up and with any luck I'll be bring in some of the display panels today but first I have a Demo with the DuPage Textile Arts Guild this morning at 10:00 good thing I checked my paper work, I thought it was this best get a move on things.

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