Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So what is it?

I took the business plunge and invested in something I've been scared to for a while. Not a big investment but something for the future and can be used in many other things to. 

I've got a Projector and a Project screen...small but packed with a big punch so to say.  I can hook this up to the lap top, or plug a flash drive and even to my camera (which I have to learn a bit more for that, but might be nice if I was giving a demo and then my camera would record it and then show it on the screen...need my techie guy...oh husband where are you?) We played with it a bit last night at the kitchen table. When the young adults came in all they seen was this big screen, heck, Hank even needed to bow a bit to under it...all good though. New toy and time for some school on that. May not use it right away but it's here to practice...Not to get to work and replenish the dent I just made in my future.  Yikes...

Off to find some shoes and some jewelry...not luck yesterday got sidetracked a Staples..tee, hee, hee.



  1. Ooooo...nice, Laura!

  2. Oh yes now to learn how to work all this new stuff...so excited!!


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