Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rain and a bowl of cereal

I haven't had a bowl of cereal in a while...and this morning it just calls for it.  The three tents and all the items that didn't sell are still in there.  The rain is coming down and I'm recharging my energy this morning by not jumping on anything to quick like.   Though I did order some shipping boxes as I've got to ship out some work that was sold this weekend to some dear family members that are in town.  Which by the way after I rolled down the flaps of the tents and feed my four legged friends my Daughter Maddie and I headed over to visit with the family.  Fried Chicken and all the picnic fixings that go with that. It was good to hear the loudness of everyone trying to express themselves with passion and to hear the good laughter going on. 

Well slowly I'll be packing up stuff and sending it off to places that could use or need what I have and need to pass back to my bowl of cereal and with grace everything will be back in it's place.

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  1. We have had another thunder and lightening and rainy day and night. Thank you for leaving such supportive and heartwarming comment at my blog posts about my health and artist blog. I appreciate it very much.


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