Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Calendars are in

I will have this calendars available while they last for a Red Dot price of $20.00
after the exhibit they will be $25. 
I worked my fanny off, NO not really but I wish...to keep the move going I counted how many trips it took me to move the stuff for the show outside today when it was 99 degrees... a grand total of 50 trips up stairs and down if I multiply that x 2 that was 100 trips.   Got my stair-masters in today.
I took breaks and drank lost of water. All the art that will be in this outdoor exhibit is hung and the rest of the art goodies will be sorted through tomorrow after I get back from having my tires checked on the transit...seem the front tire is leaking air...all started after I got back from Chicago...must of picked up something. Well best to get it checked out before I get a flat. 
So now time to treat myself to frozen cherries tonight and put the feet up for the rest of the night..

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