Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Flipped Studio

 So here it is...all the hard work this week.  As you walk in to the studio space you see this.  Hard to believe I had one more table in here that was 8ft. long too.  I keep questioning myself...what was I thinking. But it was working for a long time.  the black floor rub is from the hardware store long with the brown one on top...After I bought it and laid it out on the floor, it dawned on me why I wanted one of this floor rug/mats...Check out Linda's Art-Bluefield Designs.  The floor mat I bought is some what like what she does...but mine is really dull and plan and soon will have it's own look with the paint that will pile up on it.

 Another quick one....with the mat cutter in there. The tall white draw thing there has wheels on it which is great if I need to roll it out like my paper hanging rack I can and make room as need for when I have major framing or a big piece to work on.

 My studio space is nothing special but if your an artist and you have a space to work in you make it the best you can. You can see my little TV there where I can play movies and my yoga DVD's now that there is room.  We have a TV down stairs but so many of my clan coming and going that it's hard to get into it and the my beloved four legged friends that think it time to roll and play...Yikes how can concentrate? drum is hanging too with my large clock...I would love to have even a bigger clock but not right away, some day though.

 I had take another picture of this...see my paper towel holder a whole 2 bucks for it...why I didn't have one before I don't know. I would come into the studio and find my paper towels attacked by Sophie our cat...she loves to eat paper and dig her claws in them. And the windows' so funny I set my drawing table there by the window before but I was always standing up on the other side of the studio next to the big tables and wander over and look out the window.  Not any more, I'll be spying on everything from the second floor and I'll be at a birds eye view too from the tree canopy.

 Another angle. Moved my drying rack too where it's close by and all my supplies I normally use. The tables are raised up with the PVC 1 1/2" pipe cut to 12" with the table legs the way they are it fits in nicely and raise it up about 6 or so inches, never really measured it but it seem to fit nicely. 

 Oh I still have books, but not like I had before... I will be working on that soft addition, buying books that is...I think it about being informed of the next new thing going on out there in the Mixed Media world...Where if you stay true to what you do, you would find out soon it would pass and or it was just about the same thing you were already doing...not to dis art books but it's what I've observed...and here I want to some day soon (maybe) write a book too...silly...silly...crazy lady.
 What can I say....I love my space. I questioned what was wrong before with the studio space that I didn't like.  And what I found out was that it was path way to get to where I want to go...Hoarder syndrome was sitting in and then my four legged friends Carl and Hank  could come and lay on the floor... they used to be able to do it.  small things for comfort and wholeness I know but it's what strange heart loves.

d to snap a picture of the storage closet area that I store my class and workshop stuff in. 

 A long time ago when I was just starting off and really becoming committed to creating art and somewhat of an art career I latched on to Alyson B. Stanfields website and coaching/advice for artists. There was a print out of affirmation of sorts and I made a flip book for it so every couple of days I would and still do flip it...not that I follow it actually but I have it stored some where and try to keep myself on course so to say.  I do visual a book some day. But I want it to be different then the art books out there so still wanting for the Good Orderly Direction on that.
 So I flipped the book and the next pages is setting goals...well if any of you know me I'm a goal junkie...list junkie...paper junkie...stuff junkie and food junkie...I'll admit it but it's served me well on many accounts. My artist jar there with my goddess book and other found object and little artist prayers on piece of paper and my small vase from my cousin with a crow on it...all special stuff.

Just a few things that have been all RED dotted and ready to go for the Studio flip sale.

Now to clean my fish tank today and give my house plants a boost of good fish tank water...they love that. And it rained here in the area and I have a bit of all planting to do and clean up...glad I spent some time out there yesterday gathering up the dried stuff, looks much better. 


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I love your blog and reading your reflections along your path. In your goals/dreams, have you considered an online workshop? or a DVD? Anyhow, if you publish a book, I will be the first to order it. Cheers!
    Francine JS from Ontario, Canada

    1. Oh Francine, yes...but the inner critic stops me every time. I'm working on that as of how to break it all down first and take the small steps so that I can present something of this nature to other and share. As I share my comment, I hear the why would you even think you have something share and what's so different then ALL the other books out there...this is what I need to work on and come to peace with either way it goes as of do I or not. Thank you for kind words of support Francine.

  2. Thanks for showing us your studio. You're a lucky lady! And with all that stuff going out, there's so much space to create even more. How exhilarating.

    1. So funny Carol...I could have been up there yesterday preparing for my class but I wasn't, savoring the cleanness before the crazy lady gets back up there and has her way with the art supplies..hee, hee.

  3. Oh Laura! Looks absolutely wonderful! Wish I would have got to mine over the summer, but was trying to catch up with cabinets and closets instead. :(


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