Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some evening blogging and noodling around

So I'm posting this evening because early tomorrow morning I'm planning on a walk in the woods and then change some where and then head over to the Create in Lisle and take a workshop...Yes I did say that take a workshop for myself, in fact I'll be taking two workshops.  With the same teacher, Kent Youngstrom  I'm hoping to learn a bit of graphic work with the Photoshop and incorporating it into artwork... And I was noodling around on Photoshop and amazed the pants off myself and created this image for some graphics to use in the class I hope...if not I'm tickled that I went to the studio today for that hour or so and took about a few more piece of art and wrapped up some more frames and stashed the art I want to save and pitch the art I didn't. Packed my supplies for the workshop and re read my list to make sure I had everything and some how in my nervousness I started to carve out of plastic a quick silhouette of the horse and then I decided to scan the both of the them and save them and one things lead to another and I've got a step closer to my stampede of  wild horse running.
remember my rubber ponies a few post back...well I'll  post them again next to the ones above.

It's the process I'm loving and the excitement and drama all healthy stuff to be excited about and much more adventures.  Too funny to as I'm posting this I forgot my stone this morning said, Time for Adventure...what more can I ask for...Living the dream, with gratitude and grace.


  1. Have fun, Laura! ...and yes! you are living your dream! xox


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