Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road Trip south, Pow Wow today.

No pictures so share about yesterday at Mayslake Family Days Event in Oak Brook IL.  Seems I was so busy show and telling that it wasn't on my mind to do that...and it was busy with lots of parents and little ones coming throw. What a great turn out to see.

So I was wiped for some reason...bit of hormones stuff but feeling much better after a good nights sleep here.  Last night when the husband brought in the mail I received a package from a dear one Sally Tibbetts from a resale book store by her.

For sure we are going to do a swap thing soon at the Red Dot-Studio Flip event.. What a treat Sally, thanks. Loving your card too.

Today I have my two oldest daughters wanting to go to a Pow Wow...which is a shock...I would drag them all around to the Pow wow locally here when they were younger...looking for objects of the nature side to use in earlier collage works.  I think I was creating a moose a while ago and needed leather to cut into pieces and use for the hide of the moose.  That piece is long gone..but wished I had a picture of it but some 15 or so years ago...just was creating and letting go...

Looking for the time away and another little road trip to Peotone IL.  Bring my prayers with me too and a few from some friends and offering them up to the Great Spirit.

Well best be getting ready.

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