Friday, August 02, 2013

Interview yesterday....and artwork pick-up

 Gluing my pages for class on Monday...working the back and the front as to let it book is very old and the paper is very brittle...not sure if it's a good fit or not. I have to fix my other one...that darn Sophie was biting the leather in two.
This is the really big chunky one I was going to bring to class last Monday but see the leather on it well one needs replacing.

 I was a bit flighty yesterday with where my mind was at and what I was to be doing..a while back I had carved out some other plates but this one I left and didn't finish...must have been for today to work on.  While waiting for time to pass as of to wait for 10:00 to come around for the horse back riding stables to open up I was using my time wisely, Carving. I truly love doing this.
 Then I pulled out some stencil material or sheets of thin plastic to make a stencil from and used those small rubber horse I bought at the Field Museum and draw and cut a stencil for the next piece or two. Playful in a way...trying hard not to let the inner words from way down deep seep in and make judgment on this. Soon it will be piece of paper cut out to collage with.  I'm thinking of black and white first.
My little stamped going on here with my 1/2 inch size horse...8 of them running across the paper.
 Here are a few others I was making with paper. 

The Taming of the Shrew...a book given to me yesterday from a friend that I lent my artwork to for a Green Built House tour she was part of with her home and a few others in the Chicago area.  Really a awesome home they built together her husband and her...she's now looking in to another one to flip as a green built home...kind of cool I think...what's funny about this is her husband asked her why she would want to give me this book its old and what would she want with a book like this...Oh what man don't know.

After picking up my art from her home....I than had an interview with a art educator and out reach person at the Elmhurst Art Museum.   We are both looking for an opportunity to do business together and....well things went well...I think I'll be having a workshop possible a 2 day one at the February and beginning of March when it's there break time with the other classes. 

So after that interview I called the Fritz Joy Riding stables in Palos and asked if they had a opening for 1:30 well they did and Bernie my youngest and I went and we had a great time.  Thinking of taking more in depth lessons...still not sure how you to be sitting or not when the horse takes on a bit of trot with out bouncing all over the place...Because as soon as I squeeze in a bit with my legs to grip on some what the horse completely slowed down...interesting, something to work on figuring out.

Allowing the day to unfold was great because I then went out to dinner with the husband...just a lite one and then we went to see the movie Red2 which was good...I like all those actor together like that. And Took a nice motorcycle ride there and back. Was a beautiful end to the day.

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