Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting prepared....

So many things going on and it's all so darn good....I had to go in to the studio to get some packing tape to put over the extra wordage for the Red Dot Studio Flip and as I walked in it felt so good. No it felt awesome. The main force is the tables now for working on. before it was the smaller drawing table.  As soon as I finish it I'll take some pictures but it still has stuff I'm sorting through. 

I have quite a few signs to make adjustment with possible purchase a few more.  Being I'm putting this on after Darien Fest I can and will put up more signage.   Well see how this all goes.  Feeling a bit - No a lot  Uncertain about how this will all go...Throwing it to wind. The items besides artwork that will be red dotted is all good stuff, I've checked frames and there all great to use too, plus much more. 

I also had to print up my insert for the calendar and pack them up too. I just can't wait till it all out of the way and in someone else hands.

I've been talking with other artist having a  studio flip and there are more artists doing this as of having studio sales...not like they we want to but it's like we have too...being an artist is being creative producing art. We end up having more then can handle.

I'm beginning to think it's the natural course for things. So on to finishing up and treating myself out to lunch with an artist will be good to catch up on things.

Oh I also found out I've got 12 but added one more on for my class in Naperville.  and there's a waiting list...Oh my gosh...this hasn't happened before...may have to start a new class or day.  A bit scary too.

I'm really grateful thought I'm been planning this and taking small steps day by day.  I've been really listening to my gut more and cutting out the out side information and trusting in the intuitive nature of things.. do I know where I'm going with this...not but I'm moving forward for sure.  And really excited too.

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