Sunday, July 07, 2013

What a day and what an experience

The three of us headed to Aurora IL for the Color Vibe 5K run  I'm hoping to get more photo of it as my daughter Maddie was there taking photo's.  You can see some of her photo's on her blog site there.   Funny thing is I didn't realize how close Bernie and I look alike... as of the smile and shape of head, hair and body...we were both shocked too. Well on to do State Taxes today...not looking forward to it but it's got to be done. and then I've got a short road trip into the city today to pick up my art from the Sex Sells Show at J2Gallery.

I can put it down that I've run my first race and made it all the way through.  No stopping just stuck to my granny trot and off I was difficult with all the people, not sure I'll be hooking up and doing any more of these...I'm a solo runner in the woods. But I'm really glad I got the experience to do it with my daughters. Are time is limited by them living their lives so little moments like this are grand! 



  1. Wow Laura! Good for you!...and what fun with your daughters! Love Maddie's photos!

  2. thanks April... it was a great time!


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