Thursday, July 11, 2013

To the book store

Yes the physical book store...I went and wandered around and was in state of love looking at the books. I do love books and the feel of them in my hand be it a journal or one that I'm reading. I did find a few for my fancy/obsession...
Not sure when I'll find the time to read them...seems I've got a few others going on right now...I so wished I was a speed reader.. but I did find it interesting about the areas where a horse is sensitive to touch and how to approach a horse etc.  So I do look forward to finding out more.  Now there is a Arabian Knights horse stable two blocks from my house...but the last time I was there I saw unclipped hooves on the other animals in the petting zoo part and it really hurt to see that. So I've not gone back there.
So the journal continues....
Today though I have some framing of a few prints and matting to complete for the Naperville Woman's club Art fair this weekend. Best bust a move on it all.

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