Friday, July 19, 2013

The sound of wind in the trees and Caw, Caw, Caw

 A few photo's at The Flying Pig before I headed in the The Clearing. My one big piece "Unity" hanging on the wall with some prints available.
 and here's three of the smaller piece I have with them out of the 5 on the wall.
And the famous Flying Pig. Outside the cool building. Stopped in to say hi and then continued my travels.

I had first stopped to visit with a dear friend Linda Distel at the Panera Bread on the way...Oh my it was so good to see her...not changed a bit and looks great. Never enough time. 

This morning I'm listening to some crows outside my window as the winds are blowing pretty hard and you can here the different sounds as it goes through the leaves of the trees and pines.  What can I say but Awesome....

This morning I begin the first session of the Intuitive Collage Workshop...1 day today and then a new one tomorrow.   I hope I can present this well for them...the pressure is on...But I know once I'm in the room and put that apron on...I'm ready and set...   Mind change and off I go.

I saw these flowers on the way in to the Main lodge for the Visitor and the gift shop....there beautiful and look like wild Orchids  I'll have to check into that... I wasn't allow to go to the other side of the campus because, I'm not part of that but tonight I get to go to the open house night...Looking forward to seeing it all.

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  1. If only it wasn't so far...I'd love your workshop. Looks like a lovely place.


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