Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo's from The Clearing Workshop Part 1

 This is the Jens Jenson Visitors Center and where I was with the Intuitive workshops. Offices and Gift shop section.

 From the outside the Area where the workshop was held, which is connected to the other part.

 Walking up the path to the back of the larger gather room.
 I just wanted to show the angle of the roof. Really tall.
 Here is the outdoor patio section where we brought out our lunches...Weather worked out perfectly each day.

 The path down to the fire ring...kind of cool with the wax in the Mason jars ready to light up for the night walk.
 Room set up for the First day of the workshops.  I put the plastic on the floor so we have an area to lay the papers down to dry.  For the first day we had quite few papers...with 11 people.
 different angle and liking the nice tall windows.
Everyone received a packet with watercolor paper, image transfers, illustrated instructions with a handy dandy tool- bowl scraper or as I like to call it a spreader for the polymer or gesso. And anything that needs spreading.

I want to say I'm sorry for not taking and photo's the first day...before I realized it everyone was gone for the day...

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