Sunday, July 14, 2013

Perfect day

I write this out the title that is, "Perfect Day"  and I think of the movie Miss Congeniality and the one contestant was asked to describe her Perfect Date...Yesterday at the was a perfect day as of the winds were just enough to cool you off as the right time. I personally have a booth spot under the tree shade.  And the space where the art fair is works out just great for unloading and loading up the artwork and all the regalia that goes with it. People were out buying art but not to the effect that all of us artist would like...My sales were very low and had a lot of lookers.  But not getting discourage...well a small bit...but was able to make networking connection for possible workshops or classes.  So all will work out in the End...and if it doesn't work out then it's not the End.

I'm sitting out on my back patio and the flicker woodpeckers are sound off beautifully and the female gold finches are fluttering around as they want to get the good seed I have in the feeders. I's a perfect Sunday morning.. Not to hot or humid and the bugs are not a bother, the Wind chimes are gently adding a nice back ground to the morning song. The sparrows seem to like the dogs water bowl instead of the bird bath...hmmm go figure.   Hank my lazy fellow is close by laying on his side, watching the activity of the birds...Reminds me of Ferdinand  the bull.  Well to this perfect day or morning carried on from yesterday...I'm not complaining one bit.  For some reason I'm to be where I'm at...because there's a plan for me...not certain what that plan is but I'm here in what was planned before and it's good so got to trust the gut and keep doing what I do Know that it's Great to be Alive! 

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