Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Launched the Last Tack down Tuesday

Out of the blue it came...the end of doing a weekly thing. And the reason for that was to change things up and open up some time and space for new to enter. I've proven to myself I'm committed and I can show up, put on the apron and produce the work...Darn I say I'm bored now?  Yip that's it. As I repeat what Robert Rauschenberg said, "I do it till I know it or I'm bored then I move on.

I was thinking of putting some of them together for a book or  maybe cards...did the calendar for two years...I'm not a excitement junkie but I do enjoy to excite myself with new challenges and directions. 

And this may be the time for some deeper, spiritual creative kind of life learning and teaching for myself and to share that with others.  I will be doing a face to face Artist Way group which I credit my personal direction to, never fails every time I do a session with it I'm inspired and I seem to jump start my creative spirit and give birth to a new chapter in my life. I feel so alive when I do that.  So where ever I stand, I know it will be good just swinging the doors open wide and seeing the light in it all.

Off to work a section of the studio and flip it...


  1. Dang - right after I discovered your blog and began playing with the techniques you have generously shared here. I will spend time looking at older posts.

    That said, I absolutely get it. Here's to growth and new directions!

  2. Thanks Sherry...So glad we met wishing you the best too.

  3. The end of an era...and the beginning of a new one. Onward and upward Laura.


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