Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intuitive and introverted side

I'm not an animal whisper by far but I do get the connection that animals have with us and how we can relate to them they to us on a different level. 

I remember quitting smoking cigarettes in February some 15 years ago...the Buffalo came to me and I was latch on to its spirit so to speak and really reached for the inspiration I need to make it through the addictive effects that cigarette smoking had on me. The Buffalo / Bison was everything that the native people needed and it provided for them for a long time. Food, shelter, clothing etc.  I pulled on that resource for the strength I need to get through not smoking since I was 16 years old...that was 21 years of almost chain smoking.

Did I understand what this Bison was all about did I question what and sure betcha.  But I trusted that it was something I was suppose to do, intuitive I was to learn more about this creature and it's meaning to the people from along time ago to now and how important it's reemergence is to so many people. Restoring a faith.

So now as life changes and shifts and adjustments keep getting made I'm being pulled to understand the horse their spirit more.  And I tell you what, it's an adventure.  One of self knowledge and just stumbling upon what ever comes my way.

A deeper meaning, a deeper understanding, and a deeper knowing of oneself seems to be a life long journey for me. Following like a child in a whim I seek areas with and about horses. I was sharing last night at the Midwest Collage Society's Opening reception that even if no more art comes from this personal research it's really giving me some excitement and a bit of drama in the a good way.   Funny thing is I had wanted I thought to learn about Canning but that doesn't interest me any more so....I'm seeing where this leads. 

I so want to go cut out some stencil with horses...or my patterns for the piece I think I want to make..

and to address the introverted side....Quiet the book/Susan Cain says that introverted people are really good at doing this, writing and putting out in the world their personal thoughts on the internet but in person have a really hard time expressing themselves...I was like Yes I totally get that part and how they also need to come and have major quiet time with themselves to process all that happens and that their very Highly sensitive people and reactive people which is the same thing as of makes them highly sensitive.. when I read this I was like Wholly smokes...I get it that's me...the really strong need to get deep in to what I'm being pulled to do and then have my quiet time to process it all. Make sense of I'm not going off the deep end...As Julia Cameron said in one of her many books of the Artist way it's not going crazy it's really about getting straight with yourself...we she may not have said that that way but for me its the point..

Now to tend to today and be in the moment that I need to be. letting go of an act that I created a pattern with for two or so years is a loss now...a grieving so I'm feeling it but it's a good kind of loss if that makes any kind of sense. 

As in Rent the Movie...."No Day But Today" 

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