Thursday, July 25, 2013

High Expectations

 Well looking at these piles today how can one have high expectations right?  Well it depends on what expectation you're seeking.  Mine is to downsize and get things out of my studio.   Yikes!! right I know. I've been allowed by a loving husband to expand my heart and passion all over the place but just  in the past two years I've hit a wall as of how far I can expand.  So yesterday I was in the studio for a good two hours.  Going through things that I've saved...I've got a lap top and a back up hard drive so why do I need to save very class agenda I've created for classes I've taught..?

 That's right and only made it this books and stacked them up against my copy table... I need some boxes.  I have to ask my neighbor if he wants to get rid of some banana boxes or go and get some of the nice storage boxes like you would use for files.
Now until Sept 12th I have given myself to flip my studio and clean it out...I want to get rid or PURGE stuff.  I'm a collage artist and I like to make my papers from found papers but not all the stuff I've collected...time to take the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and turn it into a STUDIO FLIP-RED DOT you all watch for a postcard on that...That is if I have your address on file.  The frames I have up there...time to get rid of them I use frames but not that many...come on Whom I kidding.

Red dot.....Red dot......Red dot.....Red dot.....Red dot....Red dot....Red dot.....Red dot.....Red dot.....

I bought a package of 1008 red dots....getting geared up is what this gal has planned.  Setting High Expectations to do this, I only have three tents to have this under instead of four so it should still work...I'll have art work too.


  1. A red dot sale.. What a great idea!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your organized space. Smart to give yourself a realistic time frame in which to get it done. I am in need of purging too!

  3. Oh ladies....Overwhelmed and just started....but feels great already..reckoned it...I feel things opening up for what every is head..

  4. Good luck with that. I've tried several times to clean up my studio, but somehow end up making more art instead. There must be something there that distracts me from my purpose.

  5. I'll be waiting for that sale!

  6. I hear you Jo....usually when I go and get ready to pack up for a workshop or class I'm in the studio gather stuff and then I'm off creating a small piece of art..but really it's a must and I've got a date so pushing forward on the goal.


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