Friday, June 28, 2013

Susie homemaker

With it being our anniversary yesterday I took a different approach or attitude about things.  I first had an appointment to met with a friend/student in her home to see about wall space for some of my work to hang there while a Green Home builders tour takes place...How cool is that, She's an artist too and has been involved in the interior design, homes and building of them for along time. I'm honor that she asked me to take part in this...I'm just so happy for them that they are part of this. 

So after running around and purchase some food for dinner, yes dinner I planned to make us a dinner instead of going out. But before I came home I had one more stop and that was to purchase a red heart balloon to hang on his work truck in the shop where he parks...Goofy maybe but my whole day was about thinking of him and all that he does.  I much I love him and how blessed we are to have each other. 

So I cleaned the bedding and even went to the laundry mat to wash our big comforter and then brought it home to hang on the line to dry out back.  I thought about the day that we were getting married and what little I remember about the how I was thinking...brain of swiss cheese hard to recall lots of things lately but I remember the hope and love. No children but soon we would, no home but maybe we could, and growing old together gray hair and glasses with grandchildren...well gray is there and glasses are happen on my side but his soon and grandchildren not in the future anytime soon so we will be looking forward to that. 

We ended up with a really great dinner, me with salmon him with steak and huge salad some bread and butter, Cherry crumble pie and then we fell a sleep after dishes...yes I said that right we fell a sleep in the lazyboys...a good hour nap.   When we woke up it was 7:00 and our son was coming in the door from work.  We chatted for a bit and then decided to take a motorcycle ride...and I suggest Dairy Queen but he said no....we don't need that.

Nice ride and guess what....Dairy Queen and home we went.  Nothing fancy nothing over the time...keeping it simple and real with each other and we like it that way.

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