Friday, June 21, 2013

Reconnecting today

I am reconnecting today but still celebrating in a way that makes one feel good. The husband said what's going on why all the doing with out having to spend any money?  I didn't realize that till he said it, but can one celebrate with out spending money?  Of course you can... How?  With all the self help books I've been reading of my life time I've learned that it's not about the things and the prestige of it all... it's about an attitude of Gratitude.  So today is the day after my birthday and I still plan to feel celebrated in thought. I know I'm not using the right wordage here but I think you get what I mean.

I received a ton of Facebook Birthday wishes and some awesome birthday cards with a few little gifts that mark the passing of my birthday.  I received some great chimes for to favorite people in my life and a home made Soy candle a gift of money from my awesome he's our funny one about things like this and a up front and straight forward card from tough ass daughter Maddie I love it all.
And as you can see my other daughter found this at the toy store in north Chicago by where she works.   a woman with her's a good day and loving it with the biggest heart of gratitude for all that I have simple things in life.

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