Sunday, June 09, 2013

Paper pizza anyone?

 Thanks to Maureen M. she snapped a few photo's of us while we were making paper yesterday.  I had just use a larger sheet of plexi glass to walk on the new formed papers under the felts to help get ready of the extra water so we could hang in on the line for a little while before everyone took it home. 
 Nancy is getting ready to pull a sheet of paper here out of the big vat.

Wash Day...well not really but the paper is on the line hanging and drying. 

 Here we were playing around with some printing and emboss on the freshly made papers.

 Hank getting ready to find a place to lay down..

Takes Hank a while to lay down as he's got Giraffe legs and it's along way down for him.  He's back is about 36" high.. tall fella. But just need to check you all out first and by doing that he's got to smell you face...lucky it's not some where else...he's a gentleman that way.. What a most perfect day for papermaking.


  1. What awesome fun! And a perfect day!
    Peace, Artist Lady!

  2. Peace to you too to make more paper this week... got some pulp left.


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