Saturday, June 01, 2013

Out on the back Patio

I was up early and out on the back patio, candle burning and pen to paper...the rustling tree was swaying in the winds. Rustling trees are Cottonwoods.  The two four legged friends were all ruffled up and then majorly upset when the saw a coyote, mind you beautiful coat, running along the back side of the neighbors back fence and out. It's good to have a few around here being we live across the Dale Basin we have whole lot of little creatures for a good meal..and then we have extra rabbits too so all is a cycle but it really bothers the four legged ones when that see that running through.  Hank's short black hair stands on end and Carl can't stop a old farm dog he is.

I'm hoping to cook up some plant leaves today and get them read for the big papermaking workshop on next Saturday with the Midwest Collage Society.  I hope someone take pictures cause I know I'll be blending and filling things up.. What excitement.  I know I've been wanting to do this for some time now.  Well it's Now..and it's going to happens if the rain god grace us for a day of no rain.

 Dang Carl's still barking over there and the Coyote is long gone about an hour now...just making sure we know and everyone else does in the neighborhood.  My gosh...

I was able to pick up my prints and also had two other pieces photographed.

 This piece here was one of my favorites and I wanted to get prints of it because it was sold up in Dillman's  and I got it back and matted it up and shipped it out yesterday.  Bette it's on its way to you!

How exciting...I know I'm an for's worked out nice in a 16 x 20 double mat. Hope it looks good in her home, I'm sure it will.

Picked up my violin for the commission piece.  It's  look brand new to me but I know it's used...but all the strings on it and lets say it looks whole not parts. I felt a very feminine quality to it but will have to incorporate that into a steampunk style...challenges how exciting.  I've got till Aug. 3rd to complete this..I hate to have things hanging over me..I want to get it done and out of the way but I'll  have to give myself some time I've got two other long awaited piece to finish and the papermaking workshops...but I'll be on it like dirty on a child's t-shirt. 

Looks to be a great day going to cook some plants up and enjoy the day...Oh my gosh...I look over at Hank and he's go to long drewals funny.  Everyone runs when the see that...Oh you pour boy no one wants to be by you when they see that...and he runs after them. Wish I had the camera but if I moved he would get up..just picture about 4" on both side of the lower jar hanging..good goo.

Well time for breakfast and get a move on the day.. hope its a good one for all of you.


  1. This is the most beautiful collage I've ever seen you make. Wow.

    1. Thank You Carol, I just head from Bette and it's on it's way to her house Tuesday...she's all excited. I'll be teaching this style of collage this fall. Need the summer to master the process of the teaching. It's one thing when you can do but to teach it you need to break things down so that it's can be learned at a slower pace and understood.

  2. I love this as well!

    1. It's my project this summer to workout class instruction on the How to do it all. thanks

  3. Beautiful, Laura. It just draws you right in.

  4. Gorgeous piece Laura!


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