Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inching my way

 The Old piano leg was split and it works perfectly for the other violin and I have extra pieces so this part I'm able to repeat in this violin.  Working the parts separately and bring it all together.

 I will bring in my dremel tool and scribe in around the outer edge of the sheet music. Giving the effect that it was peeled away to reveal the sheet music from the wood. Inside the little glass bottle I had wanted to put some white flowers I found these off white ribbon roses.  You see the first time I seen the violin I received a hint of feminine quality to it I want to capture that in this piece...Plus the sheet music is from The Bohemian Girl...a old polish opera

 The table is going with supplies to pull from..out comes the drawers and objects to assemble to the violin. I have photo of the other violin I made so I can repeat it's character in this one. it's got me thinking I could do more of these.

And everyone once in a while I see something I like and turquois peace sign beads...had to have them...not for the violin but to make something from it one day soon.

it was an eventful day.... I started off with a run around the neighborhood with Hank...we did the 1 1/2 granny run and then feeling well myself I dropped him off and keep going the rest of the way around so a total of 3 miles...giggling all the way but it felt so good to do that. I had did my yoga in the early morning after the Husband showed me how to use my youngest daughter's DVD player...I'm not a techie person...I start pushing buttons and then things happen but not in a nice way...and I hear Laura what did you do?  Couldn't tell ya...? So that helped warm up the muscles before the granny run.

When I got back our neighbor behind us called crying and I stopped what I was doing and took her to the Hospice where her dying sister is and helped her.   My gosh I found out she her self is 84 and her sister is 87...Poor woman, very close to her sister and this is hard for her to see her sister failing for the last 2 years with old age...We stayed as long as she wanted and then I brought Lori home... time to get things in order. 

Showered and cleaned up and then headed to the studio to work on the violin... I miss understood when My daughter and my mother in law were getting back from Myrtle beach...well it came to be the evening not  more...silly me I thought the morning.  Well they did get home at about 9:30 pm and had a great time...Hoby was very happy to see my mother in law...and now on to a new day.

The girls and I and may a friend will go see "The Heat" this morning together..So exicted to do this my girls... new tradition started...We are big Sandra Bullock Fans in this house. 

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