Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hope of living fully

I had a list a mile long and ended up checking off every box by the end of the day...and even fit a lunch in with a friend. Now that's living fully. I was able to make some paper in the morning from the left over vats and clean that up...and I finished my last piece that is in the Nature and Woman's series...need to put a varnish coat on it and get it photographed.  Then I'm ready for July when the next Art Fair I have comes up.

I've submitted a proposal for a Creative Art Journaling class at Mayslake for August but am waiting to hear back what will come of it... But the artist way is set so that's great!  Can't wait, I so want to jump into it now but I will wait in the mean time...doing the morning journaling is a long habit that I can't break and now to fit in the artist dates for myself...I seem to slip on those. 

Call my mom yesterday to see how she's doing...I was her anniversary and I forgot to wish her happy anniversary...she's dealing with my Step father and all his know the part in marriage when it's for better or worse, sick or poor well you do it for love. Despite it all she's doing well. 

Need to get my Father days cards out today so they get to my fathers in time...  off and living as fully as I can. Hope you are too.

Oh new on the horizon

New book coming out that will have a few of my collage works in it...Incite Dreams Realized, the best of Mixed Media

and The Mixed-Media Artist, with Seth Apter  You can pre order this today.


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