Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Getting ready for Hand Papermaking

 This is the yucca that needs a bit of beating yet.  I cook in to get all the impurities out that make the plant fiber decay and then I have to beat it with the meat tenderizer before I put in a blender.  I don't have a fancy beater so I have a bit of process to go through. A long with cutting the grass today I'll be finishing a bucket of yucca to get it ready for the Saturday Session in the back yard with the MCS group. 
This book might be of interest for the Encaustic artists, I've got the book to so I'm going to pull it out for the members to look over.  Using the handmade papers in our art is endless.

Growing well here next to the tent.
Here it is dried...need to soak it before cooking.
 OK so it's starts with this...a yucca plant...Love the paper when if is completed. Every  year the yucca produces new growth but the old growth is down at the bottom of the plant and needs to be pulled away and some years you have to divide the plant it multiples. 

 Very fortunate as of the neighbor knows what I do, heck how couldn't he not with the big white tent every year going up. He trims back his Yucca plants too and shares. It's it great!  I've got Product Free to make paper with.  Just a bit of cooking beating and blending and before you know it you have some really awesome paper.
Early morning before all the human being wake up I sit in the front under the pine trees and look out and see my peonies full and blooming. What a beautiful site. Well time to get a move on the day.


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    beautiful picture of the peonies. I look forward to seeing your yucca paper and how you will use it in a future collage.
    I'm going to spend this day getting my papermaking studio cleaned up and ready to use for the summer as well as varnish some mold & deckles my husband made for me. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Oh Sound great Susan, My papermaking studio is outside under the tent, kind of job to do it that way each year but part of the process as you well know... and how great to have the help of the husband isn't it. I'll be thinking of you too...kindred papermakers.


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