Saturday, June 29, 2013

Color Vibe

Yesterday I went to the woods with the intention of staying along time.... little did I know I would be running a good 6 miles or so and then a full cool down walk around the path.   I did a bit of On demand yoga and tried to do a dance session from a different On Demand exercise clip but the dogs all got to excited and I had to stop...being all warmed up from Yoga I went to the woods.

The Color Vibe is coming up and I signed up because it looked like fun...any interested in joining can let me know afterwards so we can meet two younger daughter are going one doing it with me and other one taking picture I hope...this should be awesome with color...I say "Lets Be the ART"! 

It became a great day for it...I've not had a good time out there running like that in along time with the body going through the changes there's been so many aches and pains and weird ass stuff going on I wondered...maybe something worse...Knowing all things have there time and all things pass I hang in there an have some awesome days like yesterday. 

I would like to do it again but know that I would be doing all or nothing way of exercise..though I will probably walk out in the woods today but not try to kill myself..

I'm waiting around till Bernie and my Mother in Law Eileen get back in town from Myrtle Beach..they went this week on vacation together.

Well I might even do so yoga thought first. I'll just do it my one daugthers room as then the dogs won't get excited see me lay on the floor thinking its play time...hard to be in the yoga moment when a big black nose is in you face breathing heavy too.



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  2. Love the violin pix! And happy anniversary! And how are the dogs doing?

  3. Hi April, Thanks...The dogs did well but hoby has his moments and he was happy to see my mother in law...his mommy...


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