Monday, June 10, 2013

Book club today-Stained papers and Ride with Man.

Today we finish up our the book we've been sharing in discussion now for some weeks..."Joy Diet" 10 Daily practices for a Happier life by Martha Beck...we are going to be on the search for a new book soon..  Not sure what would be a good book for us all to share about...we are all artist so some sort, and very compassionate and creative...We've been working through our own stuff for many years so a lot of the books out seem to be repeats of things...for me it's a take off from the core book..."The Artist Way" but just my opinion. it's a tough choice.  I think many because it's still about a few things that still bother us individually that we having figured out how to get through them...

two days worth of stringed stained tissue paper, results.
So with that all head of me today I have class, second one and we will be making Stained Tissue papers today.   I'm pretty excited to be sharing this technique with them all...Carrie Burns Brown is the Artist I learned this from...she has a wonderful DVD out that how's.  If you ever get a chance or need an idea for a birthday gift to yourself...treat yourself here...great DVD. 

Went for a nice Motorcycle ride with the husband yesterday afternoon and a late lunch...ate so much couldn't do anything but read for the rest of the day... it was great to be out and about seeing the sky, land and being with my man...

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