Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Natural Flow

Natural Flow
10 x 30
collage on panel
Last of the 5 I completed final....dragging this series out but maybe for a good reason as times passes each one of these takes on a whole new meaning for me. Each one of these piece in this series had to be 10 x 30 on panel with wood cradle sides.  And each one had a woman figure of some sorts and each had stained tissue papers at the top and machine sewn collage papers at the bottom and the numbers and letter image transfer combo some where.  I'll have these ready for the July Art Fair at Naper Settlements-Naperville Woman's Club Art Fair in July. Now on to the last one of the 36 x 36 series I've been work on...Then to start a new series...gathering them materials now..


  1. What gorgeous colors!

    1. Favorites to work with I think for a lot of creative souls right?

  2. You really are the colour queen Laura. GREAT image.


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