Sunday, May 19, 2013

Progress shots from our Last day at Dillman's

 Barb had to leave early but I was able to take a few shots of her progress and this landscape is done.
 Carol C. is laying out her little landscape.
 Pam is just finished wiping off the glazing on the little one she's working on.
 Everyone once in a while a little corner just doesn't get tacked down so you need to put a little polymer down and do it the old fashion way. Bette's doing just that.
 Oops I think I have this sideway's but we we're all very excited for Adele and this blue sheet of paper and the wonderful effects she got which then went right in to the main part of collage.
 Jan...was so excited by how all this was going together and the way they working together.
 Our bright gal, Carol M. has decided to use her blue for the sky instead of a different color.
Cida begins...She intently worked quietly on her pieces and surprised us with some great pieces.

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