Monday, May 27, 2013

In memory of Grumpy Gray

Thinking of Chicken Pot pies, sale on toilet paper the BC list in a pocket, Oh yes and Martha Stewart and all her nifty ideas.  There's more but those are fresh and present in my memory.  Today marks 7 years of my father in law's passing.  Though it is sad and part of life, and it's hard for some family members to carry it afraid of the pain or loss...I'll don't know that to their level only to my own.  I guess when you've been with someone for over 50 years or there part of you life for that long it's the strings tugging at you when their gone.  As I brought this picture off the wall and set it on the counter to snap a picture of it to post here on my blog...I can't help but get all teary eye...

When he retired he was full of ideas and what he was going to do.  The both of them my mother in law and father in law would take the kids on mini vacation up north and the favorite parts of the trips were when Grandpa would let them run up and down the hall way of the hotel in the pj's and slippers laughing and doing goofy stuff to get their continental breakfast.   I remember how he would watch for the sales on products and get the kids to help out and go down different isles at the local stores for toilet paper.. funny thing is we are always running out of toilet paper now...need to learn the lesson from our elders and stock up. 

I think I'll be making some chicken pot pies today with a spinach spinach is growing crazy in the little garden beds.

Miss you Grumpy Gray...

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