Thursday, May 02, 2013

Going for a walk today

Really trying to take all the wondrous things happening and keep a balance with them. And with doing all, I've not been able to walk...get back into my rhythm of things... With all the great opportunities that have come up and jobs to accomplish I've had to put something aside..and walking in the woods was one of them...some would think why?  well when I walk in the woods it's a good long morning thing..maybe up to two hours... so when time is a crunch some things have to go on the way side. 

I'll be pulling my art out of storage and picking a gallery of sort of work to display in the Elmhurst Art in the Park fair this weekend.  They are calling for rain so thinking about what happens when it rains and how the winds usually blow I'll be making my select accordingly. 

And I found out what's bother my studio space.  I took on this large dark brown heavy as mud dress that my neighbor gave us and my son had...he didn't want it and I though Hey! I could use it in the studio...Don't like want it out of off some weird vibes....I would maybe save the top and build a table or something but the dresser itself has got to go.. the thing is it may have to wait till I get back from my workshop at Dillman's.

Well off to wall and regain my personal rhythm...

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