Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting back in gear

Well took me a bit longer...then normal and just this morning I figure it not that, that's done and my morning journaling addressed that I was able to put the best foot forward.

Walking and weeding will do it most of the time as of regaining my core balance...but with all the standing I did along with everyone else in the workshop I think my legs too a beating so...I resorted to weeding and being outside for 5 hours weeding my brick walk ways was natures therapy.

While I was out there doing that my youngest and second oldest daughters sprayed our old metal patio set an nice brick red which is perfect color for the patio area...They are troopers spraying it all, who would think one's fingers would get tired but holding down the spray nozzles isn't easy for that amount of time.

I was thankful for my morning pages as I wrote I was seeking guidance and wondering what the next thing or direction I should go in...with all the information that keeps coming in I feel bombarded with the next right thing to be doing?  Then it started raining harder and I sit at the kitchen window looking out, listening to it and feels very comforted.  Our dream the husband and I of having my space in the garage and him building a new place in the back yard is so much more a great image to live with then anything else...the coming back to home there and working on this dream we had when we first built this house in hopes of our retirement and future together came in view again...My rock this morning said "Dreams are resilient" and don't I believe that. All of a sudden I had direction, acceptance and understanding.... Be it the low E-hormones that had it's grips on me a few days ago or the let down of hosting workshop...I'm back on my feet again.   The constant reminder I have to play in my head is there is a plan...and I don't always know what it is but more is always revealed when I get myself closer to the attitude and mind set there's a calm...of Good Orderly Direction.  When the inner compose get aligned then all is good for the now. Being present in the now is the best place to be.
I go and teach at this places and their wonderful but to be able to teach out of my homestead some day would be the I'm keeping that on the post-it note and getting ready for a road trip today.  I so want to see the exhibit at the Zhou Brothers Art Center. The Midwest Collage Society has there work there...(I've got three pieces in this show)  I hear it's amazing so I want to take some picture of it to post on the blog for the group.  
why am I?  to be of service
who am I?  a creative human being
and where am I going? with good orderly direction..
If I can answer these three questions,
I always know I'm OK!  "I'm Ok"  Hoot! Hoot!
Off to shower and get ready for the day and met it with gratitude.  

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