Saturday, May 04, 2013

Exhibiting Relationships at Art in the Park..Elmhurst IL

36 x 36 Collage on canvas
First time I'm exhibit this piece, excited to see the reaction from Art Fair viewers.  I don't normally work in Purples or pinks but I'm pushing myself out of the comfort zone a bit and exploring the richness of the color and how I can play off it.  As you can see in this piece the areas or section that seem to be having small events happen are the to represent the areas in our lives that we have all these different relationships going on but it a whole it's just one big thing of connection.

A nice surprise happen, the husband got off of work early and was able to give me a hand setting up the tent and display...making sure the whole thing was secure as can be just in case a ruff gust of wind would come...that would be all it would take but luckily it doesn't seem like it happened.

 Funny thing is my dyslexia played a bit part in setting up the tent.  You see we had everything on and ready to raise up the leggs and little did I know I had them on the wrong side...Darn it..Oh there marked but I keep forgetting that when I stand on the out side of the tent and look in the that's where I see the left marked on the leg..not when I'm on the inside of the tent.  I usually put on all the stuff and raise the leggs because I'm normally doing this by myself so I stick to system..makes sense...well the dear husband followed along till the time came to raise up the leggs. Quick thinking we were able to pull them out and switch them around...with out having to take the whole things apart...I know I would have sat there with some tears and then figured some thing out..  So all is well just a bit of some normal drama and nothing to major to write home about but was I'll be writing with my sharpie marker on my lime green tote that houses the top and side part of the tent..." Left on the Outside." that green tote goes with the tent poles so when I set up I drag it all to where I'm setting up and start pulling it out and this way I'll see it before I begin...darn it for being the moment and not a care in the world...I think it's call CRS-Can't Remember Shit-Disease..too fun, got to laugh it off and move on...thinking though I might be getting to old for this. Well off to pack up a lunch, tea and water for the day... I do like camping out at my booth though, a sense of adventure seem to happen as you never know what will happens only hope for the best.


  1. I do hope your work sells, all that work of setting up and hanging out, it must be worth it or you wouldn't be doing it. Your work is definitely worth it, I love that top photo of new work.

  2. Love this palette Laura...should be a hit at the fair.

  3. Oh Jan, I question it that often and I'm sure a lot of artist at the fairs do that and wonder if it's worth it. Besides an exhibiting opportunity though it's hard for people to see you work all in one space and the empact it has on them...verses seeing on here and there. I did pretty well yesterday and was surprised and now thankful and blessed that people are starting to purchase art again.

    Jo..It is an attention getter, if you love the purple then it draws you in if not then you walk right by.


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